The Fuzzy in Action! The Fuzzy in Action! The Fuzzy in Action!
Saturday, March 17, 2018
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The Fuzzy Fleece


The "Fuzzy Fleece" is designed to be affordable and durable while keeping the MADE IN THE USA mission.  Every "Fuzzy Fleece" is locally crafted and custom made to order in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge of the Pacific Northwest!! 

If there is any alteration you need please contact Amy to get your "Fuzzy" perfect!!  Custom "Fuzzys" are an extra $10, but when creating a custom "Fuzzy" you can have different colors or prints for the body, sleeves, hood and pocket!!

The "Fuzzy Fleece" can be used as a snuggly warm blanket to wrap up in after playing outside all day or can be a private changing room to change out of those dirty wet clothes.  The "Fuzzy Fleece" allows you to change anywhere while remaining inconspicuous!! 

The "Fuzzy Fleece" is 100 weight, or micro, antipill fleece, which is a perfect weight to keep you warm. The oversized 60" waist allows you to change comfortably underneath while remaining discreet.  The arm reach is 64", and the Fuzzy length will cover you down to your ankles.

The wrap around design of the hood allows the hood to stay on your head without a draw cord string.  Drop the hood down and you have a warm fleece scarf keeping your neck warm.  The oversized front pocket is deep to put anything you want in there, and it's double layered...ooh...very warm.

Add the "Fuzzy Fleece" to your camping gear and you have a fleece robe to wear around camp and while you sleep at night!!

Most likely, you may not get your "Fuzzy" back after the family members have tried yours out!!

Stay warm :)

Black Brown Burgundy Copper Denim
Hunter Green Khaki Navy Blue Olive Plum
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Purple Red Royal Blue
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